.357 caliber
.357 SIG
Max carried 52 rounds (P228, P2000)
26 rounds (P250)
Used by P228, P250, P2000

The .357 SIG (9x22mm) pistol cartridge is used by the P228, P250 and P2000 in the Counter-Strike series.

Ammunition management

  • $50 per magazine of 13 rounds.
  • The maximum amount of .357 rounds a player can carry is 52 (four spare magazines), costing a total of $200.
  • Prior to an January 8, 2015 update, the maximum ammo the player can carry for P250 was 52. After the update, it was reduced to 26 for balancing reason.


  • Due to the moderate (high in CS:S and CS:GO) amount of damage and the stopping power this pistol cartridge has, the P228 and P250 is the weapon of choice at the beginning of each map.
  • The P228 can instantly kill players that are not wearing helmets. in CS:GO, the P250 can instantly kill a player with a single headshot even if a helmet is worn.
  • Pistols that use the .357 SIG are good firearms for Terrorist players who have sufficiently skilled in scoring headshots that otherwise cannot be done with the Terrorist's 9mm pistol.
  • The .357 rounds are not effective at long ranges thus users should wield guns with this caliber for close to mid range combat only.
    • At longer ranges, it is recommended to crouch and burst-fire to maintain accuracy.
  • Since the amount of .357 rounds that the player can carry is low, avoid spraying bullets unless at close proximity, especially in CS:GO. The magazine size for most of these pistols are small and are not suitable for spraying bullets.

Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

This pistol cartridge can be found in two different boxes, one small and one large.

  • The small box which gives one full magazine (13 rounds)
  • The large box which gives three full magazines (39 rounds)



Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

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