.50 caliber
.50 Action Express
Max carried 35 (Desert Eagle)
8 (R8 Revolver)
Used by Desert Eagle

R8 Revolver

.50 Action Express, simply referred to as .50AE, is a pistol cartridge used in all of the Counter-Strike games.

Ammunition management

  • $40 per magazine of seven rounds.
  • The maximum amount of .50AE rounds a player can carry is 35 (five spare magazines), costing a total of $200.
    • The maximum amount of .50AE for the R8 Revolver that can be carried is 8 (with 1 spare magazine).


  • The caliber's high damage and high accuracy makes the Desert Eagle an ideal backup weapon for almost any situation. It can even penetrate through most surfaces unlike most other pistols.
    • A headshot can instantly kill players, even when they're equipped with a helmet.
    • Due to its good accuracy, it can be a good sidearm for players who are armed with shotguns. It can engage most targets for long range combat which shotguns fail to excel in.
  • However, due to its power, the Desert Eagle/R8 has high recoil and a slow rate of fire. Fire sparingly, to avoid wasting ammo due to the low amount of ammo in reserve, as spraying bullets is not an option unless at close proximity.
  • Because of the large size of the rounds, the magazine size is very small. Therefore, it is not a suitable weapon against multiple enemies, especially when they are armed with weapons that have a higher rate of fire.
    • Aside from small magazine capacity, R8 only has 1 magazine in reserve, making the shot count is important especially for player who low on money.

Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

This pistol cartridge can be found in two different boxes, one small and one large. Due to the same color, it's sometimes confused with .45 ACP or .357 SIG rounds, because they all look green from a distance.

  • The small box gives one full magazine (7 rounds).
  • The large box gives four full magazines (28 rounds).



Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

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