12 gauge caliber
12 gauge
Max carried 32 rounds
Used by M3, XM1014
Nova, MAG-7, Sawed-Off

The 12 gauge cartridge is a caliber used by all shotguns in the Counter-Strike series. They are the M3, XM1014, Nova, MAG-7. and the Sawed-Off shotgun.


Since the pellets will spread when fired, the weapons that use this cartridge are most preferable at close range. At long range, firing 12 gauge is nearly useless as none of the pellets will hit the target. The player should aim strategically because if some pellets miss a target, the enemy could survive the hit and can retaliate before the player can shoot again.

The 12 gauge inflicts high damage if all pellets hit a target at close range, and usually will result in an instant kill if the target is unarmored. The M3 however, can instantly kill a target even with armor if all pellets hit the target.

Ammunition management

  • $65 per magazine of 8 rounds.
  • The maximum amount of 12 Gauge rounds a player can carry is 32 (four spare magazines for the M3 and four magazines and a half for the XM1014) costing a total of $260.

Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

This cartridge can be found in clips and ammo boxes:

  • The box gives 12 rounds of 12 Gauge (1 full magazine and 1 half-full magazine).
  • The large box gives 24 rounds of 12 Gauge (3 full magazine).



Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes


  • The box of 12 gauge shells model used in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes is taken directly from the Half-Life shotgun ammo box model.
  • According to the spread pattern and pellet number, the 12 Gauge shells in Counter-Strike franchise are buckshots.
  • In Source and Global Offensive, the 12 gauge shells are not interchangeable between shotguns, despite they technically use the same ammunition.

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