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Price Unknown
Max carried Unknown
Used by HK69
Entity Unknown (Possibly ammo_40mm)

40x46mm low-velocity grenade or 40mm grenade is a cartridge that was planned during the Counter-Strike Beta but never implemented. It was to be used by the HK69.


  • The HK69 was cut along with the 40mm grenade in the early stages of Counter-Strike's development.
  • Its price and total carry capacity are unknown.
  • Weapon description files in the Counter-Strike Beta 1.0 suggest that the regular 40mm might have had an incendiary version or that it was to replace the regular 40mm cartridges.[1]
    • It was not until CS:GO that players have access to incendiary devices in the series.
  • As Counter-Strike Beta 1.0 reused Half-Life's sprite files for ammunition, it is most likely that the 40mm grenade would have used its 20mm Grenade icon for ammunition purchase. Though as most weapons in that stage of the development, it would have likely used the generic Half-Life 9mm ammo icon for its munition count.
  • The cut M-79 from Rogue Entertainment's build of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, was to use this ammunition type.



  • The 40x46mm Grenade did make an appearance in the spin-off Counter-Strike Online and is used by the M79 Saw Off, M32 MGL and the SVD Custom.

See also

  • 66mm, an explosive warhead (rocket) used by the M72 LAW.

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  1. CSWeapons.txt, Counter-Strike Beta 1.0

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