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5.7 caliber
Max carried 100 rounds
Used by Five-seveN, P90

The 5.7x28mm cartridge is a caliber used by the Five-seveN and P90 in the Counter-Strike series.


It inflicts more damage to armored enemies due to its armor piercing power. The P90, the only primary weapon that use this cartridge also has a high rate of fire.

Ammunition management

  • $50 per magazine of 50 rounds.
  • The maximum amount of 5.7x28mm rounds a player can carry is 100 (two spare magazines for the P90 and five for the Five-seveN) costing a total of $100.
  • After an CS:GO update, the player can carry 100 rounds in reserve for both the P90 and the Five-seveN, thus it's possible to carry 200 5.7x28mm rounds at a time.

Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

This cartridge can be found in magazines and ammo boxes:

  • The magazine gives one full P90 magazine and two magazines and a half of the ammunition capacity of the Five-seven (50 rounds).
  • The large box gives two full P90 magazines and five full Five-seven magazines (100 rounds), its rare to find in Deleted Scenes.



Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

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