Max carried 1 round
Used by M72 LAW

The 66mm is a heavy anti-tank round used by the M72 LAW rocket launcher in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.


The 66mm rocket is a powerful rocket and can take out most armored vehicles when stationary. It is difficult to hit aircraft while using the rocket launcher as it takes several hits for it to be shot down. Victims that are not hit directly by a LAW user will be stunned while a direct hit will result in gibs or instant death.

Ammunition management

  • The amount of rockets available is one. Once used, the LAW will be discarded, so select a target wisely.
  • Aim properly as there is no reserve ammunition.
  • Use this if enemies in a large group as it does higher damage than grenades.


Building Recon

Two M72 LAW sites are discovered in this mission. First, five LAWs are ready for the player to destroy a tank. Second, a LAW is discovered on a roof of a building and can be used later in the fighting.

Motorcade Assault

The LAW is used by a GSG-9 operative and the player in this mission.


Most missions have the Terrorists using the LAW than the Counter-Terrorists. They carry unlimited ammo and are serious threats if friendly vehicles are around or when the player is at low health.



  • The icon for ammunition can be seen in sprite 7.
  • This is the only exclusive ammunition for Deleted Scenes.
  • This weapon is counted as equipment (5th slot).
  • Along with RC Bombs, this is another caliber exclusive to the equipment category.

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