CT Spawn



Cargo Hold

Easter Egg


Evolution of cs_747
Cs 747 b60 baggage

BETA6.0 animated escalator

Cs 747 b65 baggage

BETA6.5 baggage animated still

Cs 747 b70 baggage

BETA7.0 baggage animated still! (level is a lot brighter!)

Cs 747 b60 curtain

BETA6.0 curtains were thick, impassible and you had to wait for it to fully open

Cs 747 b65 curtain

BETA6.5 curtains are passable. you can easily run through without curtain fully retracted, and you can shoot through easily.

plane side
Cs 747 b60 planeside

BETA6.0 side entrance

Cs 747 b65 planeside

BETA6.5 plane side entrance

Cs 747 b70 planeside

BETA7.0 plane side entrance gone! (level is a lot brighter!)

Cs 747 b60 rear

BETA6.0 rear entrance

Cs 747 b65 rear

BETA6.5 rear entrance

Cs 747 b70 rear

BETA7.0 plane rear entrance gone! (level is a lot brighter!)

side wall
Cs 747 b60 sidewall

BETA6.0 far side on ground

Cs 747 b65 sidewall

BETA6.5 far side on ground, runway texture changed?

Cs 747 b70 sidewall

BETA7.0 far side wall inreachable!! (level is a lot brighter!)

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