9mm caliber
Max carried 120 rounds
90 rounds (Tec-9)
12 rounds (CZ75-Auto)
Used by Glock 18, .40 Dual Elites, MP5, TMP
CZ75-Auto, Tec-9, MP7, MP9, PP-Bizon

The 9mm cartridge is a caliber used by the Glock 18, .40 Dual Elites, MP5 Navy, TMP, CZ75-Auto, Tec9, MP7, MP9 and PP-Bizon in the Counter-Strike series.

Ammunition management

  • $20 per magazine of 30 rounds.
  • The maximum amount of 9mm rounds a player can carry is 120 (four spare magazines for submachine guns (except the PP-Bizon) and five for the Glock 18) costing a total of $80.
    • Since the Terrorists default sidearm is the Glock 18, they start with 40 9mm rounds. This means Terrorists only need to purchase three packs of 9mm rounds (costing $60).
    • After CS:GO was updated, players can carry up to 240 rounds of ammunition if they have both primary and secondary weapons using 9mm rounds.
  • The CZ75-Auto only carries one magazine of 12 rounds in reserve. Therefore, players should conserve ammunition.


  • Most weapons that use 9mm rounds have large magazine size and a high rate of fire, making them quite effective for spraying purposes. Furthermore, most of these weapons are light as well, thus strafing can take an enemy down compared to rifle wielders
    • However, these weapons are quite inaccurate at longer ranges therefore, it should be best used at closer ranges.
    • Also, these weapons inflict fairly low damage, especially when targets are armored. To counter this, aiming for the head or the legs is recommended. Furthermore, the damage drops even more at longer distance compared to rifles.

Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

This cartridge can be found in magazines and ammo boxes:

  • The magazine gives one full MP5 Navy, TMP and Elites magazine (30 rounds).
  • The large box gives two full magazines (60 rounds).



Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes


  • The magazine model used in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes is identical to the magazine model used by the Glock 17 in Half-Life.

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