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Aftermath is the fourth and final comic in Operation Wildfire's Gemini campaign. It is unlocked after the player completes the third and final Co-op Strike mission in the campaign, The Enemy Of My Enemy...


Arms dealer Booth rests in his own house, smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey. He was informed by his assistant that his plan to rescue Imogen from the hands of the Phoenix worked perfectly, though Booth thinks ahead about the future dangers that will come.

Meanwhile, two Coalition Taskforce operators, Woods and Jensen, search the destroyed ruins of the Phoenix Compound for signs of Valeria Jenner, reporting their findings to their lead, Commander Felix Riley. However, Valeria's bodyguard Naomi, carrying Valeria, emerges from the rubble, and kills both of the Coalition Taskforce operators. Commander Riley tries to maintain contact with his men, but Valeria hijacks the radio to personally deliver a death threat to Riley, and the two then leaves the destroyed compound to return to their plans to destroy a nuclear power plant.


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