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Game(s) Csgo-icon-bravo-small Csgo-phoenix-icon-small Csgo-bloodhound-icon
Scenario Hostage Rescue
Terrorists Professional
Counter-Terrorists FBI
Workshop Agency

The highly polished confines of this modern corporate skyscraper are host to a frantic hostage rescue
―Map slogan

Agency (cs_agency) is a custom hostage rescue map featured in Operation Bravo, Operation Phoenix and Operation Bloodhound of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was designed by Puddy and Rick.


The conflict likely takes place in a commercial penthouse high atop an urban skyscraper.

According to signs found on the map, the penthouse is owned by Underhill & Murphy Agency.


  • There was a glitch at the Terrorist spawn zone. There is a window cleaner scaffold located near the Terrorist spawn zone. Multiple players can collaborate to send a player above the map by using team collision to stack multiple players at that locations; this would allow the player to see and attack players below (as the rooftop is one-sided) without fear of returning fire. A video can be seen here. However, the glitch has since been patched.
  • When Steam Universe was announced, Agency was featured as an example of community created content available to users.[1]
  • One of the signs featured on the revolving billboards in the Main Hall depicts a large arrow pointing at a small phrase: "You should probably focus on the enemy instead of reading signs".


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