Yakuza head
Team Terrorists
Origin Japan flag Japan

Akunin (commonly known as Yakuza) is a Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes and Counter-Strike (Xbox).


Akunin are members of traditional organized crime syndicates in Japan. The Japanese Kidotai have had a long, dreadful history with them.


Akunin members use several weapons. The weapon used depends on their model.

Model Weapon
Asian punk Awphud cz
Asian skin2 head1 Ak47hud cz
Asian skin2 head2 Mp5hud cz
Asian skin2 head3 W m60
Asian skin2 head4 Xm1014hud cz
Asian skin2 head5 W machete

The faction was cut from Global Offensive before official release, but a description of this faction still exists in the game files:

"These Clan-less criminals claim no affiliation beyond their own ad-hoc gangs. Spurning tradition, they flaunt their body art indiscriminately and accept any job regardless of its impact on the civilian populous."


  • The models of the Akunin are based on the models of Guerilla Warfare.
  • Concept art of Yakuza members (both male and female) existed during Counter-Strike: Global Offensive development, under the name Freelancers.
  • Another Japanese Terrorist faction was originally planned, based on the Aum Shinrikyo cult. Logically, they should have been in Truth in Chaos, but the faction was dropped and the standard Akunin terrorists take their place.
  • Akunin means “悪人” in Japanese kanji, which literally translates to “evil person”.
  • The Akunin are tied with the Guerilla Warfare and Elite Crew for appearing in the most missions in the Deleted Scenes.

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