14:00 HOURS
Behind the U.S. Embassy
Yipiti, Boshistan

Nego: This is the negotiator, the hostages are being held in a neighborhood behind the American Embassy. The exact location is not known, but it is believed to be near the former King Kabob restaurant building.

CnC: The targets are holed-up somewhere near the King Kabob restaurant. Find these bastards and flush them out, get inside and locate the hostages. Once you do, secure your position and radio for further orders.

CnC: This is going to be a messy extraction gentlemen. You volunteered for this, I hope you know what you're doing! Forget diplomacy or hurting the feelings of any scum-sucking politicians back home. If anyone even spits in your direction, shoot 'em dead.

Nego: This group is taking credit for the bombing at the King Kabob yesterday...

CnC: What?! Yeah, we know...


Terrorist: Sharmuta swine! Eat this!

Counter-Terrorist exit sequence

Operative: Go around and unblock this gate. We'll try to get these doors open.


Operative: Taking fire! Need assistance!

Operative: I'm hit, I'm hit!

Operative: We're surrounded, can't get out...

Operative: <pain from further shots>

Operative 2: Ahh, I've been hit too! You'll have to go it alone!

CnC: Your team is down, proceed to the target zone at all costs!

Operative 2: <death>


CnC: Roger that, package is in position. Dustoff is inbound. Hold that position as long as possible, you've got multiple terries moving in fast!

Pilot: The LZ's too hot, we're taking ground fire. We can't land until the area is clear.

CnC: Get the package to higher ground so we can air lift them outta there! Once the package is in position, radio for dustoff!


Hostage: Help us! Thank God you're here!

Hostage: You are NOT supposed to be here!

Dustoff ready

Pilot: We're ready for dustoff, get over here!


Pilot: OK command, team is in position and we are dusting off.

CnC: Roger that Alpha6, bring 'em home…


(If the hostage gets killed, mission fails)

CnC: Packages down!


Alamo by Levelord, head level designer from Ritual Entertainment.

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