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St6 tod
Cost 4
Primary weapon Awphud cz
Secondary weapon P228hud cz
Skill Good
Co-op Good
Bravery Bad

Alex is the only hard difficulty Counter-Terrorist sniper bot in the Tour of Duty mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


His availability depends on the difficulty:

Difficulty Reputation Point
Easy 15
Normal 15
Hard 12
Expert 1


Alex's skill type is hard, which means he is 75% accurate when firing. His reaction time is 0.25 seconds and he is very sensitive to footsteps. He has no attack delay.


Alex buys an AWP for a primary weapon and a P228 for a secondary weapon. If unaffordable, he will buy a Scout then a MP5 as substitutes. He does not buy or pick up other weapons.


Alex's teamwork is 80%, which is in the good category. He always follow the player's commands and sticks together with teammates.


Alex is a very passive bot. He will retreat after spotting some enemies.


Alex is a member of the U.S Navy SEALS.

Voice PitchEdit

Alex's voice pitch is 100 which unchanged. His voice pitch is the same as Barney (bot).

Brother-in-arms Edit

Team membersEdit

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