Cs alley1
Alley, English Terror
Creator(s) Jason Castillo
Game(s) Beta
Scenario Hostage rescue
First appearance BETA 2.0
Last appearance BETA 2.1

Not to be confused with Backalley or Alleyway

Alley, English Terror[1] (cs_alley1) was an official hostage rescue map featured in the Counter-Strike beta.


This map is a set of alleys and buildings with very dark corners as the map is set in night. It was intended to be a test map for the newly added nightvision goggles.


The map was created by Jason "the_HUNTER" Castillo. He was simultaneously designing two maps, cs_alley1 and cs_alley2, but only the former one of these ended up released with the game itself. The initial release of the map was on July 15, 1999 in a map pack that was released to give the community the opportunity to test out a few of the upcoming maps.[2]

The formal release of the map was together with beta 2.0. Brightness levels had been increased as it was hard to make out just about anything in the pre-release version. In addition, some texture changes had been made. The last official appearance of the map was in beta 2.1

Castillo did one final update to the map after the map had been removed from official rotation. Once again, brightness levels were increased and there were also some changes done to the layout. All hostages were also changed to use their regular models instead of the G-Man model and a hostage rescue zone was added. This updated version of the map was released separately through the Counter-Strike Classical Map-Pack.[3]


  • Even though the Nightvision goggles were included in Beta 2.0, they were useless because they were just an overlayed green sprite (see gallery).
  • The skybox features an unusual amount of stars, giving the impression that the map was set in space.
  • Alley1 probably had the shortest survival time. It was included in the game for only 1 month between Beta 2 and Beta 3.
  • This map features several of the hostages as the G-Man.
    • Hostages located at the far end of the map have difficulties in leaving the room due to the small doors.
    • The room also has light switches which can be turned off to ambush a CT attempting to rescue the hostages.


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