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T anarchist
Team Terrorists
Origin Usa flag United States

This still seems like a good idea, right guys?

The Anarchists are a Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The Anarchists wear black hoodies with white/yellow stripes running down the sides of the sleeves, which cover most of their hands. They wear sunglasses and bandanas over their faces in various colors (including navy blue, red, and black) as well as a beanie and the hood of the jacket over their heads. They wear either blue jeans or dark pants. Their hand model features their dark hoodie with two yellow stripes on each sleeve, wrapped around their hands with the fingers sticking out.

Judging by their voices, they are North American, similar to the Professionals. They make references to the FBI as 'the men' in their lines and judging by several of their quotes, they are based on stereotypical punk teenagers.

It appears that they greatly detest the FBI as evidenced by their radio quotes and are fearless in engaging them.


Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveEdit

They appear on only one official map:

Operation PaybackEdit

They once again appear on only one map:

Operation VanguardEdit

They appear again on only one map:


  • "Remember to keep the hostages safe!"
  • "I know how much you hate them so let's do this!"
  • "Lets go kick some butt."
  • "You still think this is a good idea?"

Enemy SpottedEdit

  • "I see the men!"

When throwing a Molotov CocktailEdit

  • "Let's burn it all down!"
  • "Burning it all down!"


  • "You're all gonna die!"


  • "We showed them who's Boss"
  • "That was gnarly!"
  • "Thats one for our side!"
  • "We Bomb Rushed them!"
  • "Our Freakin plan Worked!"
  • "They won't even remember today"

Friendly FireEdit

  • "Stop! This isn't a Game!"
  • "Cut it out!"
  • "What are you doing?!"
  • "Don't be a jerk!"
  • "That's not funny!"
  • "Dude, you just shot me!"


  • "Guys! I need help over here!"
  • "Need more guys!"
  • "I need help, HELP!"
  • "Where is everyone!?"


Main article: Anarchist/Gallery


  • The Anarchists were added in the August 10th, 2012 update.
  • The members of this faction are probably the youngest of all the other Terrorist groups, based on their outfit style and body size.
  • Their appearance is based on the black bloc, a protest tactic often utilized by anarchists in reality.
  • Unlike most of the Terrorist groups featured in Counter-Strike, this one seems more enthusiastic and rebellious than serious, since their radio statements like "This is going to be gnarly" and "That was awesome guys" may suggest that they view crime as a sport, rather than a method of achieving any serious goals like the other terrorist factions.
  • It is suggested that the Anarchists have committed criminal offenses in the past, such as arson, as evidenced by their radio statements. For example, when throwing a Molotov Cocktail, they might say "Let's burn the whole place down!"
  • The Anarchists are voiced by Scott Whyte.

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