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Function(s) / Belongings
Occupation Unknown
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Unknown
Game information
Voiced by Jess Cliffe Cs tCscz tCss tGame icon 730
Unknown Csczds t

The Announcer is a character featured in all modes in the Counter-Strike series (except Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes).


The Announcer is a voice in the background of every Counter-Strike match. His voice files have not changed since 1.6, and appears as a male voice with an American accent, accompanied with mild radio noises, supposedly representing an unseen leader to the Terrorists or the Counter-Terrorists, overseeing the current operation and communicating to both teams over the radio.

The Announcer announces the current status of the objective to both teams. In Bomb defusal, he will make an announcement when the bomb is planted or defused. In Hostage rescue, he will make announcements regarding the status of the hostages. In Assassination, he will announce "Protect VIP Team" before round starts, and will say "VIP has been rescued" when the VIP reaches escape zone. The Announcer always announces the winning team at the end of a round.

In Counter-Strike: Source, the Announces' quotes are slightly different. For instance, in Hostage rescue mode when the last hostage is rescued, the Announcer will say "Counter-Terrorists win" instead of "Hostages have been rescued", and when the C4 is defused in Bomb defusal scenario, the Announcer will say "Bomb has been defused" rather than "Counter-Terrorists win".

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Announcer's behavior is largely identical to previous installments in Classic Casual, Competitive and Demolition. In Deathmatch and Arms Race, the Announcer announces the team of the winning player when the match is over.

Behind The Scenes

  • In Deleted Scenes, there are unused radio & announcer voices in game files, which are based on the same quotes as in other games, but with a different voice.
  • Global Offensive's map sound manifests suggests a few unused announcer quotes informing the player about carrying team equipment eg. "You have bomb"[1], "You have defuse kit"[2].
  • Originally in Global Offensive, quotes emit when bomb defused in last second was intended for Birthday only according to Inferno's sound manifest[3].


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