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The Atlanta 2017 Team Stickers collection are stickers of a single Atlanta 2017 participant sticker. A portion of the profit is shared equally among the included organizations. Like previous team stickers, stickers from the Atlanta 2017 Team Stickers collection are purchasable individually at only High Grade (normal) quality. The Holo and Foil versions can be found in the Atlanta 2017 Legends (Holo-Foil) and Atlanta 2017 Challengers (Holo-Foil) capsules.

Like previous Pick'Em Challenge team sticker capsules, these stickers are only available for a limited time as a direct purchase from the in-game store. The stickers contained in the collection can also be used as part of the Atlanta 2017 Pick'Em Challenge. Additional gold foil versions of the stickers can be found on weapons from a Atlanta 2017 Souvenir Package.


  • Astralis | Atlanta 2017
  • FaZe Clan | Atlanta 2017
  • Flipsid3 Tactics | Atlanta 2017
  • Fnatic | Atlanta 2017
  • G2 Esports | Atlanta 2017
  • Gambit Gaming | Atlanta 2017
  • GODSENT | Atlanta 2017
  • HellRaisers | Atlanta 2017
  • mousesports | Atlanta 2017
  • Natus Vincere | Atlanta 2017
  • North | Atlanta 2017
  • OpTic Gaming | Atlanta 2017
  • SK Gaming | Atlanta 2017
  • Team EnVyUs | Atlanta 2017
  • Team Liquid | Atlanta 2017
  • Virtus.Pro | Atlanta 2017
  • ELEAGUE | Atlanta 2017

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