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Cs backalley
Game(s) Cs t
Scenario Hostage rescue

This is the guide page for Back Alley.


  • Due to its relatively compact size, using shotguns and the Desert Eagle works very well, especially in the tunnels and the alley where there are little or no spaces available to escape.
  • When playing as a Counter-Terrorist, beware of the doors in the alley as it is easy to ambush a team from both doors by using the hostages as human shields.
  • Be alert of the end of the alley and the balcony, these areas are most favorable for snipers.
  • Throwing a smoke grenade in the alley can easily force enemies to back away from the smoke and will most likely fall back rather than charging towards the enemy team, note that some aggressive enemies with powerful automatic weapons, like the M249, may spray bullets at the smoke.
  • Flashbangs can come in handy to clear out enemies in cramped rooms.
  • If you play with bots, at the point where some of the hostages are located, they can clearly see enemies behind doors. This gives bots an advantage to fight against human players so always crouch when you want to pass through doors (before entering) without being seen. However, during the pistol round, the bots will shoot at players but the bullets won't go through the door thus human players can wait until bots need to reload. This is the best time to rush and eliminate bots.