T balkan
Team Terrorists
Origin Eastern Europe


Voiced By [[Erik Platonov]]

Let us be safe, and swift.

For cut map from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, see Balkan (map).

The Balkan is a Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Judging by the style of clothing, this faction seems to consists of war veterans or even criminals with urban style outfit. Several of them wear winter hats and Russian tanker headwear, and they are all seen in thick brown jackets, suggesting that they hail from a cold region or they might be Russian Chechen terrorists because they speak Russian and they are the terrorist team in Train, which is located in Russia.

Their hand model features a thick brown jacket with a red sleeve poking out the end with leather gloves.



  • Judging from their name, they would originate from the Balkan regions, a large area in Eastern Europe composed of countries like Bosnia, CroatiaMacedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, and Bulgaria. However, in their speech they say "спаси́бо" which is Russian for "thank you" and is not used in the listed countries.
  • The Balkans were first seen in Dust2 in the first Global Offensive trailer. They were replaced by the Elite Crew in the released game.
  • They were the third Terrorist model added to the Global Offensive Beta.
  • They appeared on more maps prior to the August 10th, 2012 update.
  • The default gloves used by the Balkan is identical to the default gloves of the Phoenix Connexion, the Separatist, and the Professional.
  • The Balkans are one of the two Terrorist groups that have "unused" quotes about hostages, the other group being the Elite Crew.

Update History

May 26, 2015
  • Re-enabled a bunch of player model variants including the much missed Balkan “Ido” model, otherwise known as tm_balkan_variantC.