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T balkan
Team Terrorists
Origin Balkans

The Balkans are a Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Judging by the style of clothing, this faction seems to consists of war veterans or even criminals with urban style outfit. Several of them wear winter hats and they are all seen in thick brown jackets, suggesting that they hail from a cold region (most likely the Balkans).


The Balkans were first seen in Dust2 in the first Global Offensive trailer. The Balkans were the third Terrorist model added to the Beta and appeared on more maps prior to the August 10th, 2012 update. Their hand model features a thick brown jacket with a red sleeve poking out the end with black cloth gloves. They appear on four maps: Train, Nuke, Shorttrain, and Monastery. They fight the SEAL Team 6 in Train, the SAS in Nuke and Shorttrain, and engage the GSG-9 in Monastery.

Operation PaybackEdit

In Thunder they face the GSG-9.

Operation BravoEdit

In Gwalior, the SAS are the enemies.

Operation BreakoutEdit

In Castle, their enemies are still the SAS.


"Justice will be ours!"
―When bomb is about to detonate

"Of course. Of course."


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  • Judging from their name, they would originate from the Balkan regions, a large area in Europe composed of countries like Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Serbia or Bulgaria to name a few.
  • They sometimes say "Spasibo", which in Russian means "Thank you".

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