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Csgo bank big
Creator(s) Valve Corporation
Hidden Path Entertainment
Game(s) Csgo
Scenario Arsenal: Demolition
Terrorists Professional
Counter-Terrorists SWAT
First appearance Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Last appearance Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Bank (de_bank) is an Arsenal map featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The Bank is an Arsenal: Demolition map. The map setting is probably somewhere downtown of west USA. Currently, there are 2 factions making an appearence on this map. For Terrorist side it's Professionals, and for Counter-Terrorists it's SWAT unit.

Bank map layout

Official DescriptionEdit

Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists from bombing the safe. Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten targeted area.

Terrorists: The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy the safe.

Other Notes: This is a Demolition map and players cannot purchase weapons. A rifle for the first round, and if the player manages to eliminate at least one enemy in the round, the player is given a weaker weapon for the next round. The team will change after 10 rounds and the match is over when a team reaches 11 rounds.


Both teams are spawned opposite to each other. The Terrorist team is spawned behind the bank, while Counter-Terrorists are spawned in front of it and must get across the street to get in. This map is close and medium range combat oriented, and most of the action takes place right in the bank or on the roof.


Main article: Bank/Tips and Tricks


Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveEdit

Global ExpertiseEdit

Bank On It csgo Bank On It
Win five matches on Bank .



  • As with most Demolition maps, this map is loosely based on a map from the Left 4 Dead series, in this case, is is based off the Burger Tank in the finale of Hard Rain at Left 4 Dead 2.
  • It could be likely that this map is an homage to the Counter-Strike: Deleted Scenes mission Miami Heat as both maps feature the SWAT team.
  • Bank has been ported to PAYDAY 2 in Charlie Santa (capital letters are basically an abbreviaton of Counter-Strike). It's also included as a heist mission and takes place right before the original map.
    • Also, there are 3 hidden masks around the map which are Dallas', Wolf's and Hoxton's.
  • This map uses some of the props for upcoming Vostok remake for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The most noticable prop is in the shop where table includes Romanian flag which might be a country setting for Vostok remake.
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