Sas tod
Cost 5
Primary weapon M249hud cz
Secondary weapon Random
Skill High
Co-op High
Bravery High

Bear is a Counter-Terrorist featured in the Tour of Duty campaign of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Bear is one of the counter-terrorist bots available in Tour Of Duty. Five points are used to hire him. There are different reputation points are needed to unlock this bot depending on the difficulty:

  • Easy - Not available.
  • Normal - Not available.
  • Hard - 18 reputation points are needed.
  • Expert - 18 reputation points are needed.


Bear's skill is elite, which means he is 100% accurate when firing, 0.2 seconds reaction time and very sensitive. He has no attack delay. For close battle, he will aim for the head and spray non-stop while jumping. At medium range, he aims for the chest while for long range assault, he will crouch and start firing. If a sniper is spotted, he will strafe to avoid being hit.

Weapon management

Bear buys the M249 when has money greater than $5750. When he cannot afford the M249, he will buy the Benelli XM1014 then Benelli M3.


Bear has high teamwork. He never disobey the player's command and always stay close to other teammates.


Bear is a very aggressive bot. When he sees a teammate dead in his view, he will go towards the killer and start firing. In the bomb defusal maps, he likes to be scattered around the map except in debt while in the hostage rescue maps, he likes to strike first and rescue the hostages.


Bear is a part of British SAS.

Voice Pitch

The voice pitch for Bear is 82, same to Lou which means he has quite low voice pitch, talk slower and quite hard to understand. Value 100 of voice pitch is unshifted.


  • Bear's weapon template is POWER.

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