Gign tod
Cost 2
Primary weapon Famashud cz
Secondary weapon Usphud cz
Skill Ok
Co-op Ok
Bravery Good

Ben is a tough difficulty Counter-Terrorist bot featured in the Tour of Duty mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Two points are needed to hire him.


Ben's skill type is tough, which means he is 60% accurate when firing. His reaction time is 0.3 seconds and he is sensitive to footsteps. He holds his fire for 0.35 seconds before attacking.


Ben buys a FAMAS for a primary weapon and uses a USP for a secondary weapon. If he cannot afford a FAMAS, he will buy a MP5 Navy. He does not buy or pick up other weapons.


Ben has moderate teamwork. He sometimes follows the player's commands. He groups with teammates if he lacks sufficient money.


Ben is an aggressive bot. He will not retreat if he spots a few enemies. He only retreats after facing a large group of enemies. In bomb defusal maps, he prefers to strike the Terrorists rather than camping at a bombsite.

Voice Pitch

Ben's voice pitch is 86 which means his voice is in low pitch.

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