Primary weapon Ak47hud cz
Secondary weapon Deaglehud cz
Skill Good
Co-op Good
Bravery High

Blade is one of the hard Terrorist rifle-using bots in the Tour of Duty Campaign mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Blade appears in hard difficulty. He is not encountered in easy, normal difficulties. In the expert difficulty, he only appears as a reserved bot.


Blade appears in Tour of Duty 3 and 4. In Tour of Duty 3; he only appears in maps Dust 2 and Stadium.


Blade appears as a reserved bot along with Raider in Tour of Duty 1.


Blade's skill type is hard which means he is 75% accurate when firing. He aims for the head at close range, the chest at medium range, and he crouches at long range. His reaction time is 0.25 seconds and he is more sensitive to footsteps. He does not have any attack delay thus making him more difficult to be engaged.

Weapon Management

Blade buys an AK-47 for a primary weapon anda Desert Eagle for a secondary weapon. He does not buy or pick up other weapons.


Blade has good teamwork. He will always stay together with other teammates. In Bomb Defusal maps, he escorts the Terrorist with the C4 to a bombsite.


Blade is a very aggressive bot. He will never retreat even when spotting a large group of Counter-Terrorists. In Hostage Rescue maps, he prefers to explore around the map rather than guarding the hostages.


Blade is a member of the Middle Eastern Elite Crew.

Team Members


Opposing Counter-Terrorist


  • The reason why Blade appears only a few times in Tour of Duty is possibly because of Fanatic who has the same skin and stats as him, except he is  5% more accurate.

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