W btorch
Alternate name(s) Torch
Usage Destroying objects

The blowtorch is a piece of equipment available in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes that is used to destroy objects, such as locks.


It can only be used in Blowtorch zones.


Once you reach a Blowtorch zone, the blowtorch icon will appear. Select your blowtorch, aim at the object you want to break then press and hold your primary fire key (MOUSE 1 by default). Hold your trigger until the object is destroyed.

Appearances in Deleted Scenes

  • During Counter Terrorist Training, it appears on the first table in the Special Equipment Training room.
  • During Lost Cause, it appears in the guard house on the table on the right.
  • During Building Recon, the player starts the mission with it.
  • During Thin Ice, the player starts the mission with it.
  • During Pipe Dream, it appears in a guard house.


  • The blowtorch has no gas cylinder and it never seems to run out of fuel. In real life, it would be impossible to use a blowtorch without a steady gas source.
  • The sound of the blowtorch and/or breaking through certain obstacles might alert enemies nearby. However, the player will have enough time to hide if this happens.
  • If the player switches weapons while holding the primary fire button, the noise emitted from the blowtorch will continue emitting sounds until the player switches back.
    • Additionally, the barrel tip of the weapon will appear to emit fire.


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