Defuse zone
Bomb defuse zone
Game(s) Csczds t
Used for Defusing bombs
Not to be confused with the bombsite.

The bomb defuse zone is an area where the player must defuse bombs planted in them. When reached the player has a limited amount of time to defuse the bomb before it explodes, destroys the area and kills the player with it.

When the player is inside the zone, a luminescent icon representing diagonal pliers will appear in the player's HUD. The zone will disappear once the bomb in it is defused.


Counter-Terrorist Training

It appears during the Special Equipment Training, it a C4 planted on a table.

Building Recon

It appears during the last part of the mission, in the church. It is a small nuke located on the

Rise Hard

Several zones appear during the last part of the mission, two of them are small C4 charges while the third one is the nuke.


Three zones appear durring the mission. The first one is located in a train. The two others are located where the final fight occurs.