Csgo PortraitsBooth
Function(s) / Belongings
Occupation Arms Dealer
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Neutral

This article is about the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive character. For the game designer, see Michael Booth.

I’ve been waiting for you... Valeria said she was sending someone new to pick up her latest shipment of goodies. I’m dying to see what you’re going to buy for her.
―Booth, talking to the player during Revolution

Booth is an arms dealer featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive during Operation Bloodhound.


Operation Bloodhound

Booth narrates the briefings of 3 hard missions branching off from The Berenger Technique or Captive Audience. He holds a great respect for Chase Turner after his death, considering him a man of conviction. As an arms dealer, Booth sells his wares to any faction. However, Valeria Jenner does not consider him to be trustworthy.

Operation Wildfire

Booth's daughter, Imogen, is targeted by Valeria due to being a collaborator of Coalition Taskforces. Booth informs Imogen about Valeria's plans and makes his own plan to rescue Imogen. The plan worked perfectly, but Booth thinks ahead about future threats.

List of appearances

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  • Operation Bravo Update page
  • Operation Bloodhound
  • Operation Wildfire


  • Since Booth is an arms dealer and claims to give the player his wares during matches, he may be the personification of the Buy zone.