This article or section refers to unreleased or cut content and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information.

Breachcharge hud
Breach Charge
Usage Breaching Doors, Areas
Entity name weapon_breachcharge

The Breach Charge is an unreleased or cut item added in the December 8, 2015 update to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game files[1].


This item was released alongside the other Co-op Strike items that were later added to Operation Wildfire, but its scripts were never added or released. Only its icon remains in the game files. As its name indicates, it was probably to be used to breach a door or a certain obstacle. Its icon shows a keypad and antenna indicating it was supposed to be set on a timer and/or remotely detonated or activated. Any other information about this item is unknown.

On the January 12, 2017 update, location of non-existent currently "dropped" and "inventory icon" models was found in game files:[2]:


On the August 17, 2017 update, References to entity were added to items_game.txt. Medi-Shot's prefab contains entity for breach charge in "item_class" string. On the July 6, 2018 update, item class was changed to proper.

Console Commands

Many console commands were added to the game files during the May 31, 2016 update, suggesting the item may be implemented in the future.

  • ammo_grenade_limit_breachcharge
    • Default value is unknown.
    • Defines how many Breach Charges can be carried at once. This console command suggests the Breach Charge will be classified as a grenade.
  • mp_survival_mincratespawn_breachcharge
    • Default value is unknown.
    • Console command was introduced in June 20, 2017 update. Probably defines how many Breach Charges can be spawned in crates.



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