W briefcase closed
Alternate name(s) Case
Usage Sending a signal so friendly units can strike
The briefcase is a piece of equipment available in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes that is used to send a signal to friendly units.


It can only be used in Briefcase zones. Inside the briefcase, it contains a lot of (possibly fake) U.S. Dollars and it is also equipped with the radio transmitter that will signal other Counter-Terrorists, thus starting the assault.


Once the player reaches a Briefcase zone, the briefcase icon will appear. Select the briefcase, and press the primary fire (MOUSE 1 by default). The player will open the briefcase, revealing the money.


It only appears during Turn of the Crank in which the player starts the mission with it. The briefcase is used to ambush Moses Sepulveda.

A briefcase also appears in the mission Motorcade Assault in the VIP's safe room. It would seem some unknown individual or group was trying to negotiate with the VIP.


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