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A weapon crate is a crate that contains various standard skins and possibly a rare item. It is the first series of weapon skin crates. It requires a CS:GO Case Key to open it.

Since the release of the Weapon Case 2, this crate is no longer dropped but can be bought in the Steam Market.

It can contain one of the following:

Lightning Strike (AWP) Wings (AUG)
Ultraviolet (SG 553) Case Hardened (AK-47)
Hypnotic (Desert Eagle) Dragon Tattoo (Glock-18) Dark Water (USP-S)
Skulls (MP7) Dark Water (M4A1-S)
Or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!
Slide arms
The Arms Deal Collection
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Crate valve 1
In-game render
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The key
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Set armsdealer
Weapon Crate Pin
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