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Cs grenade hud on
CS grenade
Alternate name(s) Gas grenade
Usage Contaminate enemies

The CS grenade is a gas grenade cut from Counter-Strike.


The only hint of its possible presence in the game, are 2 HUD icons and a kill icon representing it.


The CS grenade would release a cloud of gas that would damage anyone that passes through it. The effects could also stay for a couple seconds out of the gas.


The only way a player could get immune of the gas produced by the CS grenade would be to buy the cut Gas mask.

Comparison to the Molotov cocktailEdit

Although both grenades have similar effects, the Molotov cocktail also has a counter-equipment being the Smoke Grenade which extinguishes the fire. The damage done is almost the same, in comparison to the CS Grenade. However, the CS grenade would also have a passive counter item, the Gas mask. This would negate the effects of the CS grenade permanently, instead of being a one use counter item.



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