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Cscz101 cs coldstorage02
Cold Storage
Creator(s) Erik Doescher
Game(s) Cscz t (cut)
Scenario Hostage rescue

Cold Storage (cs_coldstorage)[1] was a hostage rescue map that was featured in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero during its development.


The map took place in a weathered industrial district in New York.[2][3] A company called Gordoli's operated a meat packing plant in this district.[2][4] Inside the meat packing plant, a large freezer was present where meat was being stored, which is from where the map received its name. Other areas in the map included the loading docks. The hostages were located inside the building.[2]


Cold Storage was designed by Erik Doescher while Gearbox Software was developing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.[4] The map received relatively little media attention and wasn't showcased until 2002. However, while few screenshots of the map are known to exist, various video gaming media published videos showcasing the map. These included GameSpot[5], GameStar[6], PC Games[7] and PC Action[8].

When development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was handed over to Ritual Entertainment, the map was presumably scrapped.


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