Coop coin
Collectable Coin
Usage Pickup, extra points source
Entity name item_coop_coin Game icon 730
For inventory items, see Coins. For physical collectible items, see Collectible pins.

The Collectable Coin is a unique pickup that was released in the February 17, 2016 update for Operation Wildfire.


The coin is a floating, rotating coin featuring Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist logo on either side of it.

The coin can be collected by simply walking through it after which it will float and fade away and be added to the count.

It is exclusive to Co-op Strike missions. Every mission features three coins scattered and hidden in the premises. Once all three coins are collected, an additional 5,000 points is added to the players' Final Team Score.[1]


Operation Wildfire
Map Mission Locations
Phoenix Compound The Extraction Garage, Courtyard, Loading Dock
Phoenix Compound Once More Into The Breach Ladder, Gravel Pit, Office
Phoenix Compound The Enemy Of My Enemy... Garage, Pipe, Outside
For visual locations, refer to the gallery.

Bugs & Exploits

Although more than three coins can be placed in custom Co-op Strike maps, if more than three are picked up, the counter will continue to register coins over the three required, causing the 5,000 points bonus to be unobtainable. [2]


  1. In-game
  2. Tested on custom created map