Pcg 0402scan conditionabillion
Creator(s) Jeramy Cooke
Game(s) Cscz t
Conditionabillion (cs_conditionabillion)[1] was an internal Gearbox Software joke map designed for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Nothing is known about the actual contents of this map apart from the fact that it was not meant to be a serious map.[2]

Its name is a play on the name "Condition Zero".


The map was created by Gearbox Software artist Jeramy Cooke and never meant to be seen by anyone outside Gearbox.[2]

A preview build sent by Gearbox to the German magazine PC Games accidentally included this map.[2][3] The editors at PC Games thought it was a serious but incomplete map and therefore included the map with a screenshot in a listing in their preview.[3] Instead of providing a description of the map like they did for other maps, they simply noted that the map was "undergoing intensive revision" and overlaid the screenshot with a question mark.[3]

The map listing of this preview, including the mention of Conditionabillion, was then reprinted in multiple sources[1][4] and due to this the map is often falsely believed to have been an actual map that was cut from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


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