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De corruption cz0000 bombsite A - first person view
Game(s) Cscz t
Scenario Bomb defusal


Corruption (de_corruption_cz) is reminiscent of de_dust2 as it has a middle that is between the bombsites. Despite this, it lacks popularity because of its confusing and enclosed pathways. Also, snipers have the ability to guard nearly every part of the map.

The middle and the far side tend to have combat in almost all rounds in a match. For those who wish to avoid fighting, the side can allow players to bypass the sight of enemies.

Hot Spots

Bombsite A/CT Spawn Zone

In pistol rounds, players can move fairly easily in this area. However, exercising caution is recommended as campers tend to hide around the upper floor in which Bombsite B lacks.

If the bomb is planted here, snipers will position themselves on the upper floor. Since they are fairly vulnerable to enemies with automatic weapons or even shotguns, they may have backup or will guard the entryway to the tunnel.

Bombsite B

This bombsite is similar to site A. It may lack an upper floor but campers are also not to be underestimated as they can guard the entryways by hiding behind or on top of props.

Sniper weaponry is not recommended to use as bombsite B is not open-spaced and it is almost impossible to evade approaching enemies. If you do encounter snipers, you can rush at them if they miss their shot or use a flashbang to lessen the chance of being hit.

Middle/Far Side

Snipers are often overpowered due to the lack of cover and the uneven elevation makes it unfavorable for players to confront enemies.

Similar to Dust2, smoke grenades are thrown in the middle to cover movement. Other grenades are not used as players can easily avoid them in the open-spaced sections.

It is possible for players to rush upwards through the staircase to confront stationary campers. However, this is rarely seen as enemies on higher ground can score headshots. Instead, the stairs allow players to sneak around the map by descending into lower ground and evade assailants.

Other Areas




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Terrorist Spawn Zone