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Developer(s) Valve Corporation
Publisher(s) Sierra Entertainment (PC)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) June 19, 1999 (mod)
November 8, 2000 (retail)
Genre First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: Mature
ELSPA: 15+

The best multiplayer game of 2000, bar none.
―Game Revolution[1]

Counter-Strike (originally marketed as Half-Life: Counter-Strike) is a multiplayer first-person shooter initially created by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe as a mod for Half-Life. By the fourth beta, Valve Corporation began assisting the two developers and ultimately offered them jobs. Both of them accepted, and the rights for the game were acquired by Valve. After over a year of public beta testing, the retail version of Counter-Strike was published by Sierra Entertainment on November 8, 2000 for Microsoft Windows. Since the creation of the franchise, various sequels and spinoffs have been created such as Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroCounter-Strike: Source, and the latest in the series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.



Main article: Counter-Strike Beta

The game started out as a Half-Life modification on the GoldSrc engine. It went through seventeen different iterations and was eventually released as a standalone game. Throughout this time, it grew in popularity and became one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time. 


On November 8, 2000, the game was ushered out of the beta phase and officially released as a fully licensed product. Even afterwards, development was ongoing and saw the release of several very large patches. The most recent, 1.6, is now used as a title to differentiate the original game from the rest of the series. With the launch of Steam on September 12, 2003[2], these large patches became unnecessary and were replaced with smaller updates. 


Main article: Gameplay

Its fast-paced and team-oriented gameplay has stayed relatively the same throughout the years. In it, two teams, the Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists, fight to complete an objective or eliminate the opposing team. Although basic, it is considered one of the most revolutionary online games of all time. The original Counter-Strike came exclusively with multiplayer, without computer-controlled players. Over time, however, several server-side modifications have added bots for in-game use and bots were officially introduced in its later successors, Counter-Strike (Xbox) and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Counter-Strike has been praised worldwide for its highly competitive multiplayer. There are three official scenarios (game modes), each with their own teams, objectives, and maps. In all cases, the two teams are the Counter-Terrorists face off against the Terrorists.


There are three official scenarios in Counter-Strike:

A fourth scenario, known as Escape, existed during the Counter-Strike Beta. The gamemode itself is still playable, but all of the official maps were removed prior to the game's release.


There are 25 official maps in the latest version of Counter-Strike.


Hostage rescue

Bomb defusal


Counter-Strike features 25 weapons, ranging from knives to shotguns and submachine guns.




Submachine guns

Machine guns



Along with the weapons, there are nine purchasable items of equipment, three of which are grenades. If ammunition, the radio and the flashlight are to be included, the number of equipment is increased to twelve.




Each team has four available factions that players can choose as their third-person model.




Counter-Strike is considered one of the most influential games of all time. It's still the most popular Half-Life mod and even one of the most popular PC games. As of December 3, 2008, Counter-Strike has sold over 4.2 million retail copies, more than any other Valve game besides Half-Life and its sequel, Half-Life 2.[3] It scored an 88 on Metacritic, based on the reviews of eleven critics.[4]


  • If the option "HD Models" is enabled in the video settings, all playermodels will be replaced by models from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Scientist hostages will be given HD models but the "office worker" and "construction worker" models will not be replaced.


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