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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Perfect World Beta
Developer(s) Valve Corporation
Publisher(s) Perfect World

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Perfect World is a special version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released on 18 April 2017 for the Chinese market via publisher Perfect World.[1]


Beta testing commenced on April 18, 2017. Unlike the Steam version, the Perfect World launcher is required to be downloaded for playing. The game is currently available for free. Registration at is required for logging into the Perfect World launcher.



  • On Cache, on bombsite A and "B long", the hammer and sickle symbol is censored, presumably to avoid conflict with the Chinese Communist Party.
  • On Train, on bombsite B, the hammer and sickle symbol is censored for the same reason as Cache above.
  • On Italy, the flag of Italy is removed.
  • On Weapons Course, the whiteboard with markers for times, "EXIT" and "START" on the last stage of training is translated into Chinese.
  • On Dust and Dust2, all Arabic references were removed from posters, signs and boxes, and all graffiti is altered.
  • Monastery is not playable possibly due to the map taking place in Tibet.


  • To comply with China's censorship laws, any appearance of skulls and blood must be either replaced or toned down. (e.g. skulls replaced with gas masks)


  • All blood decals are recolored to full black, the same as German version of the game.[2]
  • "headshot particles" is gray-black.
  • The arm badge found on the right arm of Separatist models have been changed (from 3 stars and 1 big star at center to 2 stars with a thunderbolt at center).


  • Some achievements icons also have their own "low-violence" version.[3]
  • The console was disabled when the Perfect World client was first introduced, and was later enabled on the August 15, 2017 update.
  • "CS:GO Profile Sharing" and "Friends Lobby Default Permissions" are both disabled.[4]
  • Trade Up Contract UI is localized into Chinese.
  • In Perfect World client, the default avatar is different compared to the Steam version.

Main menu

  • The In-game Store is replaced with a promo image with the text stating "Welcome to Perfect World CS:GO Beta".
    • The In-game Store is currently disabled. Trying to buy something in the store will show the message "Store is unavailable in Perfect World CS:GO Beta."
  • The Community Servers option is disabled and replaced with a blank.


  • Perfect World players cannot play with non-Perfect World players or join non-Perfect World servers.[5]
  • Players under age 18 will be subject to the Anti-Addiction System.[5]
  • Prime status is now immediately granted to account with identity verification[6].
  • Pick'Em is unavailable in Perfect World.


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