Patch Notes


  • Adjusted Spectator Graphs: Replaced HSP and economy stats with Enemies Flashed and Utility Damage.
  • Added main menu UI to register for a new beta[1].


  • Tulip
    • Various bug and exploit fixes
  • Mirage
  • Moved Nuke to the Active Duty map group.
  • Moved Inferno to the Reserves map group.


  • Updated a Wildfire mission (YOINK!) for the bonus condition to use Santorini instead of Nuke.


  • demoinfogo tool code is now available on GitHub and no longer ships as part of SDK.
  •, patches welcome.
  • demoinfogo includes a GitHub fix for PlayerInfo being retrieved with wrong Entity if players reconnect during the match demo (Thanks rchh!).


  • Changed default value for cvar sv_quota_stringcmdspersecond=16 to make community servers that don’t actively configure this setting run with a more conservative command rate limit.

Undocumented changes

  • Added Björn "Threat" Pers pro player to Fantasy team stats.


  1. Prime Account Matchmaking
  2. Community Screenshot
  3. Coldzera 4K AWP with sick jumpshot (MLG Columbus) on

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