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Patch Notes



  • Visit for complete details.
    • Ten Weapon Collections have been released.
    • Standard and eSports Weapon Cases now available - a portion of the proceeds from eSports Weapon Case Key sales will help support prize pools for upcoming community competitive CS:GO tournaments.
    • Weapon Cases have a chance to contain new knives and StatTrak weapons, which track all player kills with that weapon.
    • Players can receive decorated weapons through timed item drops, available on any VAC-secure server.
  • All Arms Deal Update items can be traded.
  • All Arms Deal Update items can be sold and purchased through the Steam Marketplace (visit the FAQ for details).
  • Every decorated weapons has a unique finish and exterior condition and can be thoroughly inspected in game. The ability to launch the in-game inspection view for an item is available in the Steam Inventory, Community Market, and Steam Trading.


  • Upgraded Scaleform version to 4.2.
  • Improved memory management of Scaleform UI elements.
  • Added Inventory to Main Menu and the In-Game Pause Menu.
  • Added Loadout to Main Menu and the In-Game Pause Menu.
  • Added blog to the main menu
  • Added drop shadows to some UI element text for improved readability.
  • Improved some HUD layouts to avoid overlap.
  • Game no longer truncates player names in most HUD UI elements. Fonts will now scale down to fit the full string.
  • When a player picks up a weapon, the original owner of that weapon will now be indicated.
  • Fixed certain buttons missing clicks


  • Added Silenced M4A1.
  • Added Silenced USP.
  • New weapons can be equipped through the Inventory UI.
  • When a player reloads their weapon, they now drop a magazine that persists in the world.
  • Machine gun belts now visually match the ammo count in the viewmodel when firing and reloading.
  • Added holdable action key +lookatweapon that allows players to visually inspect their first person weapon while in-game. This has been bound to the F key by default (if that key was previously unbound).
  • Players now automatically crouch while planting bombs.


  • Adding matchmaking servers in Brazil.

Undocumented changes

  • Updated Desert Eagle texture.
  • Various weapons have updated textures to include more wear and tear.

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