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Patch notes



  • Added official game servers in Peru.


  • Player xray glow now dims when player is not making any audible sound. Several convars are available to tweak this behavior; “find spec_glow” for a list.


  • Restored availability of cl_avatar_convert_rgb command used by tournament organizers.


  • Fix a bug where some users would have a bad mem_level set which would cause poor performance.


  • Increased fidelity and reduced distortion for fire sounds of the Glock, HKP2000, USP-S and Deagle.
  • Unique distant, reload and draw sounds for Glock, HKP2000, USP-S and Deagle

Undocumented changes

  • Removed text references to wearables from English localization file.
  • Updated favor text in description of the CZ75-Auto | Red Astor.


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