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Patch Notes


  • SSG08:
    • Reduced price from 2500 to 2000.
    • Reduced standing and crouching accuracy recovery times.
  • Reduced Molotov price from 500 to 400.
  • Reduced Incendiary Grenade price from 850 to 600.
  • Reduced Glock damage from 33 to 28.
  • Fixed bug that NiP discovered where the aimpunch experienced when compensating for recoil was incorrect.
  • Third person silenced muzzleflash light brightness is no longer a portion of unsilenced brightness, instead it is now completely removed.
  • Chickens are no longer scared when moving silently near them or shooting near them with silenced weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where removing/adding a silencer would also drop a magazine on the ground.


  • Fixed map placed weapons not working properly.
  • Aztec:
    • New connector between A and B bombsites.
    • More cover in underpass.
    • More cover in overpass.
    • More cover at bombsite A.
    • Changed cover at CT side of bridge.
    • Removed railings on bridge.
    • Added player collision inside large vegetation models.
    • Removed collision on some props.
    • Clipped stairs.
    • Reduced fog.
    • Reduced noise in textures.
  • Train:
    • Tweaked shower room.
    • Moved ladders to ends of traincars.
    • Made T entrance into bombsite A wider.
    • Reduced size of CT sniper position.
    • Removed some cover from CT sniper position.
    • Blocked visibility under electrical box at bombsite A.
    • Blocked visibility through yellow barrels at bombsite A.
    • Brightened textures near bombsite A.
    • Removed some wires at bombsite A.
    • Blocked visibility under traincars.
    • Rearranged trains at bombsite B.
    • Widened back of bombsite B, T side.
    • Replaced cover at back of bombsite B, T side.
    • Clipped stairs.
    • Optimizations.
    • Fixed radar naming.
    • Blocked visibility through concrete bags near Ivy.
    • Brightened door near Ivy.
    • Removed railing at top of ladder.
    • Brightened environment light.
    • Reduced fog.
  • Inferno:
    • Fixed missing collision in an area in mid.
    • Made railing at back of bombsite A easier to see through.
    • Widened doors in construction.
    • Reduced wall penetration in construction.
    • Removed wall supports in apartments hallway.
    • Increased C4 explosion radius to make it consistent with other maps.
  • Nuke:
    • Fixed a bug in ramp room.
    • Widened door in rafters.
    • Fixed some radar naming bugs.
    • Increased C4 explosion radius to make it consistent with other maps.
  • Mirage:
    • Added more light to CT window into bombsite B.
    • Fixed some graphical bugs.
    • Removed small trashbags that could be mistaken for players.
  • Dust2:
    • Made it easier to spot enemies at back of long A, CT side.
    • Removed center scaffolding in tunnels.


  • Added warning message for when there is a new update available.
  • Fixed Main Menu for 21x9 monitors.
  • Weapon Case Unlock Animation:
    • Fixed animation stopping on an item when the connection to the item server is actually unresponsive.
    • Fixed animation not closing if error dialog occurs.
    • Fixed animation restarting if space bar was pressed.
  • In-game previews of StatTrak™ weapons and unusual knives now correctly display those attributes in the name.
  • Weapon target ID text now colors the weapon the color of its rarity.
  • Fixed StatTrak HUD element for knives hiding.
  • Fixed Tooltip backgrounds disappearing when browsing Workshop maps.
  • Fixed Matchmaking ACCEPT button not reappearing after you accept a match and not everyone accepts.
  • Fixed spectator player panels were showing up when they shouldn't be (wrong team, wrong mode, etc).
  • Fixed the spectator panel not using the new knife icons properly.
  • Moved the “flashed” icon from the center of the screen, made it more subtle and added fringe fades for when your target is flashed when connected via GOTV.
  • Fixed Rescue Kit displaying as Defuse Kit in hostage maps.
  • Fixed pause menu missing entries.
  • Fixed item drops displaying for 'Unknown' players.
  • Fixed formatting of AWP kill award text in Classic Competitive.
  • Teammate’s names now always show overhead during freeze time.
  • Additional work on inventory, addressing edge cases where HUD positions would not update properly after a weapon had been added or removed.


  • Added "Five Year Veteran Coin" awarded to players who were a member of the Counter-Strike community for over 5 years.
  • Fixed Overwatch not displaying new cases after viewing one case.
  • Fixed extended delay in the end of Classic Competitive games that had GOTV spectators.
  • While watching matches in GOTV, the Autodirector is paused, not deactivated, if the spectator follows a specific player.
  • Added weapon_m4a1_silencer and weapon_usp_silencer FGD entries for map makers.
  • Fixed several exploits affecting dedicated servers.
  • Added a server convar sv_quota_stringcmdspersecond to allow rate-limiting client string commands.
  • Reduced memory usage on dedicated server.
  • Fixed weapon switch and knife swing animations being choppy at low ping.
  • Stability fixes in shaders
  • Identified a memory allocation bug involving nVidia Geforce Drivers version 320.49 or earlier. We suggest that you update to the latest beta driver version 326.80.

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