Patch Box


  • Added ability to rename a weapon’s name with a custom engraved nameplate via Name Tags.
  • Simplified trading with other players by adding a Start Chat button to CS:GO profiles.


  • Chicken changes based on pro feedback:
    • Reduced chicken sounds dBs and volume.
    • Reduced idle clucking rate.
    • Reduced range that scares chickens when running.


  • Adjusted Weapon Case Key and Payback Pass prices for foreign currencies based on current international exchange rates.
  • Fixed an issue causing poor rendering performance, especially for SLI/Crossfire users.
  • Fixed M4A4 loadout selection not saving correctly between sessions.
  • Fixed competitive round backups restoring M4A1-S as M4A4 and USP-S as P2000.
  • Fixed observers seeing smoke screen overlay when a smoke grenade popped on their last alive position.
  • Fixed bomb activate/plant/defuse sounds not playing if the bomb was out of view
  • Fixed Payback Coin description incorrectly displaying the number of hours logged in game.
  • Fixed missing localization for Payback map maker Coins.
  • Fixed an empty item panel sometimes showing on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed Elite world model physics.
  • Added flipping sound to inspecting the Desert Eagle.