Patch Notes

[ MISC ]

  • Gemini missions’ previous rating data on in-game scoreboard will now reliably refresh for the players when they replay Gemini missions.
  • Improved bullet accuracy tracking algorithm to correctly account for the last kill of the match.
  • Improved headshot tracking algorithm for shotguns to record a headshot if any of the pellets in the blast hit victim’s head.
  • Tuned Blitz Mission schedule to better fit peak CS:GO users worldwide.
  • Fixed a ladder position interpolation bug that would cause players to teleport back to the top of ladders they fell off of
  • Fixed a rare player collision bug that would deal extreme falling damage to players stuck between nearly vertical level or prop geometry
  • Fixed server crash when players were moving around func_tracktrains entities (fixes community server crashes when running mods Zombie Escape, Minigames, etc).
  • Fixed a regression in StatTrak Music Kits official MVP counter display.
  • Fixed a regression in competitive timeouts voting rules.


  • Cache
    • Fixed various minor bugs
  • Safehouse
    • Fixed some trees showing as unlit
  • Mikla
    • Removed some decals
  • Santorini
    • Fixed various minor bugs
  • Nuke
    • Fixed pixel walking on rafters
    • Fixed a number of spots where C4 could be dropped and not retrieved
    • Fixed wallbanging values on trophy room wall
    • Rooftop to Silo jump distance increased slightly
    • Players can no longer defuse the bomb on A site from under the floor on B site
    • Flashbangs now correctly blind players behind toolsblocklight brushes

Undocumented changes

  • Updated Main menu background.
  • Updated Mikla description.

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