Patch Notes


  • Added the third Co-op Strike Mission.
  • Added last comic unlock.
  • Added lobby setting to tell you if you are out of missions.
  • Added next mission countdown timer to journal maps.


  • Cache
    • Fixed one-way texture at Quad boxes
    • Improved visibility of vents
    • Fixed pixelwalk at B fences
    • Improved matching of foot-step sounds and ground materials across the map
  • Coast
    • Fixed pixel walk in A site
    • Removed exploitable angle in B site
  • Royal
    • Various clipping fixes
  • Mikla
    • Fixed invisible collision near mid
    • Updated radar
    • Moved T spawns further back
  • Cruise
    • Various bug fixes
  • Santorini
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the inner walls of Café
    • Fixed a pixelwalk at mid

[ MISC ]

  • Fix for a func_tracktrain that could pass through players when they were overlapping.

[ SDK ]

  • Added the vscript function StopSound.

Undocumented changes

  • Fixed the "Hold this position" string.
  • Added "Dock" radar location and navplace.
  • Removed suggestive sign in Mikla.

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