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Patch NotesEdit


  • Reduced latency of voice audio.
  • Community servers now can show viewer counts when players are streaming their match.
  • Fixed regression in Deathmatch Bonus mission evaluation.
  • Fixed a Deathmatch exploit where players could maliciously cause the server to run out of entities.
  • Fixed buymenu’s Accurate Range weapon stats being computed incorrectly.
  • Fixed AWP viewmodel rendering when zoomed.
  • Added flavor text to Arms Deal Case 1 and fixed typos in previous flavor text
  • Positional sounds spatialize to within 15 inches of the player and no longer “spread” to stereo when nearby.


  • Major changes to Cobblestone
    • Bombsite A:
      • Made bombsite A courtyard smaller
      • Removed spiral stairs at back of bombsite A
      • Pushed forward side-balcony at bombsite A, making it easier to check corners before jumping down
      • Added a static door to entrance to connector from bombsite A
      • Shortened battlement in long A, making it easier to check
      • Raised wall around bombsite A slightly, to give some cover when out in the open
      • Added additional cover in bombsite A
      • Removed balcony at CT side of long A
      • Added an additional chest-height wall at A ramp
      • Removed large boulders in A site
    • Bombsite B:
      • Made bombsite B courtyard smaller
      • Rerouted T main entrance to bombsite B
      • Made it easier to throw grenades into B site from a safe position as T
      • Added some cover on T platform in bombsite B
      • Moved bombsite B more to the middle of the courtyard
      • Flattened ground at bombsite B
      • Removed back of B area
      • Hut at back of B can now be shot through
      • Added a static door to entrance to bombsite B from connector
    • Other:
      • Removed stairs and overpass route from dropdown room
      • Widened upper dropdown passage
      • Added a ramp to dropdown to make it easier to peek into lower
      • Players can now jump up via flowerbed in connector to get into dropdown room
      • Removed walls in T tunnels
      • Removed CT sniper room
      • Added a static door to CT side of water room
      • Tweaked layout of water room slightly
      • Removed double window room near T spawn
      • Moved T spawns forward a bit
      • Added a direct ladder to T sniper tower
      • Various optimizations
      • Increased player visibility
      • Fixed a bug where very few chickens were spawned

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