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  • Fixed P2000 ammo capacity.


  • Fixed a corrupt packets issue that occurred when a client attempted to play on community servers after official servers.
  • rcon stats now include server frame simulation time ms, stddev of simulation time ms, and tick precision ms.
  • Fixed an exploit used by malicious servers to bypass SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE restriction on connected clients.
  • Fixed achievement icons not displaying.


  • Cache
    • Exploit fix in Bombsite B
  • Facade
    • Updated overview image
  • Cobblestone
    • Fixed sticky spot under roof overhang at B
    • Fixed overview map not matching the geometry at Gallery
    • Raised ceiling and added trim in Gallery
    • Fixed sticky clip brush at A
    • Added clip brush to tapestry in CT sniper room so you can’t walk through it
    • Fixed floating electrical box in sewer stairwell
    • Fixed missing texture above T ramp
    • Removed handrail/clips and adjusted lighting in CT sniper hallway
    • Fixed wooden platform clipping into stone in T spawn
    • Made window bars in B tunnels & Gallery non-solid

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