Patch Notes

Patch 1


  • Added countdown in the main menu that shows the time till the active stage picks will be locked.
  • Fixed a bug in the Watch tab match lister. Match data should now auto refresh after the client downloads the match data.
  • Fixed a bug where HTTP 200 OK was not returned for a successfully completed request to UploadTournamentPredictions when clearing a pick.
  • Fixed a regression for Steam help site to correctly localize information about PickEm authentication codes.


  • Added a command-line flag -ip_relay for GOTV relays behind NATs to communicate their relay public address to master.
  • Added mp_logmoney setting to output player money and purchases in server logs.
  • Added a convar mp_halftime_pausematch which will pause the match after halftime intermission.
  • Added a log line saying “Game Over” after the last round of the match has been completed.


  • HRTF now works correctly on older versions of OSX.

Undocumented changes

  • Updated localization files.
  • Updated Steam Datagram system configuration files.

Patch 2

Undocumented changes

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