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Patch Notes


  • Removed holiday cheer.


  • Added a convar cl_crosshair_sniper_width to allow increasing width of sniper crosshair lines on high dpi monitors or multimonitor setups.
  • Fixed some looping sounds not stopping after Killer Replay.
  • Bomb plant and defuse are excluded from Low-Light playback.
  • Players can no longer vote-kick a bot.
  • An HE grenade not owned by any connected player will no longer result in kicking the victim for too many suicides.


  • Fixed mouse handling in community server dialog.


  • Fixed arms/sleeve textures not rendering in workbench.
  • Fixed minor shadow errors on viewmodels.
  • Optimized CT viewmodel arm texture size.

Undocumented changes

  • Added reference to TAC-21 Sniper rifle to itemmodelpanelworkshopweaponpreview.res.

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