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Patch NotesEdit



  • Loading screens will now display the icons for maps that have item collections associated with them
  • In Spectator Mode, Scoreboard and Server Graphic will now obey hud scale and position settings.
  • Fixed New Items alert showing incorrect number of items up when coming back to main menu from a match


  • Added server convar tv_allow_camera_man_steamid that should be set on tournament servers to the full 64-bit numeric SteamID of production caster (e.g. 7650123456XXXX). Tournament production casters who launch the game with the “-interactivecaster” command line flag and join the in-game spectators will get all camera and voice recorded and broadcast on GOTV.
  • Upgraded runtime libraries to use the latest Steam SDK.
  • Fixed a frequent crash during map loading while the game was minimized.
  • Various weapon CPU optimizations.
  • Added flavor text to Chroma Case weapons.


  • Mirage
    • Fixed a bug where a boosted player in T spawn could peek into mid/CT sniper position.
    • Moved a prop to make peeking into palace easier, CT side.
    • Removed a strange boost in bombsite A.
  • Nuke
    • Fixed a bug where an incendiary grenade could explode on bombsite B ceiling beams and damage players in A site.
  • Overpass
    • Rerouted entrance into upper park from bombsite A.
    • Changed mid cover in bombsite A, corners can now be shot through with rifles.
    • Changed cover in T side of upper park.
    • Moved T spawns forward slightly.
    • Moved bombsite A plant zone up slightly.

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