Patch Notes


  • Fixed the A box not having its clip brush enabled.
  • Fixed some unfair peek and boost spots around the map.
  • Added some clip brushes to smooth movement.
  • Fixed the sign decal on the bank.
  • Thanks AreUhungry.


  • Fixed a surround spatialization issue caused by not handling angle wraparound properly at 0/360. ( thanks derpylurker )


  • Fixed a networking regression with M4A1-S when fired by a player who is not the owner of original item.
  • Fixed M4A4 | Howl showing as the wrong quality in GOTV streams.
  • Fixed decay lerp on non-default crosshairs, crosshairstyle 5 now decays linearly and is now frame-rate independent.
  • Fixed equipped collectible items not networking correctly for other players.

Undocumented changes

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