Undocumented Changes

  • Added new and updated CS GO Pro players portraits profiles:
    • On Astralis: device, dupreeh, karrigan, gla1ve, and Xyp9x.
    • On dignitas: k0nfig, RUBINO, MSL, cajunb, and TENZKI.
    • On Counter Logic Gaming: hazed, koosta, reltuC (Cutler), tarik, and pita.
    • On Gambit eSports: Dosia, hooch, AdreN, mou, and spaze.
    • On Natus Vincere: seized, Edward, Zeus, flamie, and GuardiaN.
    • On Flipsid3 Tactics: WorldEdit, B1ad3, markeloff, wayLander, and Shara.
    • On Ninjas in Pyjamas: GeT_RiGhT, Xizt, f0rest, friberg, and pyth.
    • On OpTic Gaming: stanislaw, mixwell, daps, RUSH, and NAF.
    • On Team Liquid: jdm64, EliGE, Hiko, nitr0, and s1mple.
    • On Team EnVyUs: NBK-, kennyS, Happy, DEVIL, and apEX.
    • On Snax, NEO, TaZ, byali, and pashaBiceps.
    • On mousesports: chrisJ, nex, NiKo, Spiidi, and denis.
    • On SK Gaming/ex-Luminosity: coldzera, fnx, FalleN, fer, and TACO.
    • On G2 Esports: shox, RpK, bodyy, ScreaM, and SmithZz.
    • On Fnatic: JW, olofmeister, dennis, flusha, and KRIMZ.
    • On FaZe Clan: aizy, fox, rain, jkaem, and kioShiMa.

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